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Our Proven Process

Our proven process is our DNA, it’s what makes us authentically us. At Hirschfeld Marketing, we are always refining how we think differently and overdeliver for our clients, every step of the way. From large projects to small, every project has every bit of our attention.

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Listen + Learn

Define Objectives

Storytelling Strategy

Budget + Timeline

Look + Feel

Experience Mapping

Key Messaging

Digital + Interactive Integration

Draw + Render

Timeline Management

Create CADs + Build Plans

Fabricate + Construct

Progress Reports

Project Management

Venue Contracting

Vendor Coordination

Storage + Warehousing

Logistics Planning

Install + Dismantle

Shipping + Receiving

Staffing + Labor

Logistics Management

Insights + Analytics

Our team helps clients break through the clutter to create an authentic connection between the consumer and your brand. It requires strategy, design, technology, production and operations to all come together to create a memorable experience that influences consumer behavior.

Creative Development

Design Strategy + Scalability

Mobile Tours + Sampling

Pop-Ups + PR Stunts

Educational + Informational Experiences

Immersive Experiential Events

Retail Programming

Digital + Technology Integration

Social Media Amplification

Insights + Analytics

Data Capture

From venue sourcing to lighting layouts, our highly skilled team of designers, artists and producers provide end-to-end service to ensure projects come in on time, on budget and on point. We embrace new challenges and are motivated by the excitement of turning wild, crazy ideas into something you can see, hear, touch and feel, connecting people and brands in unexpected and meaningful ways

Conceptual Art + Storyboards

Build Plans + CADs

Stage + Scenery Design

Sound, Lighting + Video

Staging, Rigging + Special Effects

Event Broadcast + Internet Streaming

Venue Contracting

Vendor Management

Storage + Warehousing

Permitting + Fire Marshall Approvals

Installation + Dismantling

Our best in class teams are experts in welding, woodworking and electrical, delivering work that is practical, durable and exceeds our clients’ expectations. We manufacture projects of any size, from in-store displays and branded vehicles to trade show booths and 53’ expandable trailers.  We are dedicated to providing a personal touch and unparalleled craftsmanship.

In-House Design + Production

Conceptual Art + Renderings

Carpentry + Custom Woodworking

Cutting, Routering + Laminating

Metal Work + Welding

Painting, Powder Coating + Finishing

Digital, AV + Lighting Integration

Electrical, HVAC + Plumbing Installation

Vinyl Printing + Installation

Renovation + Maintenance

Asset Leasing + Rentals

Carefully blending design elements to create an environment that does more than just attract attention, it truly makes a statement, our experience and innovation shine through each event. We manage the complex design and logistical responsibilities so clients can spend time engaging with guests. From intimate dinners to sporting events and galas, we are committed to developing authentic and unforgettable experiences through hospitality.  

Event Strategy + Planning

Conceptual Art + Renderings

Guest Invitations + Ticketing

Travel  + Accommodations

Gifting + Premiums

Food + Beverage Coordination

VIPs + Celebrity Appearances

Creative + Production

Venue Contracting

Vendor Coordination

On-site Install + Dismantle

Identifying the right properties, at the right time, for the right price is critical to strategic brand growth, and it doesn’t end with finding the right place to show up, it’s measuring the impact to ensure long term success. From the Super Bowl and celebrity influencer endorsements to purpose lead initiatives, Hirschfeld is here every step of the way. Partnerships extend reach and awareness beyond traditional tactics and elevate a shared message.

Relationship Management

Property Identification + Negotiation

Asset + Partner Negotiation

Talent Sourcing + Management

Brand Strategy Integration + Inclusion 

Facilitation + Execution

Investment Measurement + Analytics

Managing and moving assets are no small feats. It’s more than taking the asset from point A to point B – it’s ensuring the driver has the right credentials, the proper insurance is in place and there’s a plan A, B and C to make sure everything arrives safely, on time and in great working order to exceed expectations. Our vast national network of drivers has expertise in just about every area, ensuring we put the right driver in front of each asset.

Sustainably Focused Logistics Planning 

Turn-Key Fleet Management

DOT Compliance + Insurance

Extensive Driver Network + Training

Facilitation of Tow Vehicles

National Storage Facility Infrastructure

Asset Maintenance + Repurposing

Leasable Asset Options

Over the Road Management + Driver Coordination

Our Leasable Assets

Not every event or program warrants the capital investment of owning your own assets. That’s why we’re here. From pop-up stands, container and trailer experiences to top of the line large hospitality assets, Hirschfeld Marketing has you covered.

Our Clients

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