Is it how operationally efficient you are? Is it how budget conscious you are? Does it come down to how memorable the experience is for the consumer? How happy the client feels throughout the planning and execution process? Or, rather, is it all of these things, and then some?

How we define success in the experiential activation industry is forever changing, an ever-shifting landscape, and that’s what makes it beautiful. It’s also what separates good agencies from excellent agencies who are ahead of market trends. How I believe success should be defined, is how well one can achieve this multifaceted approach to success. A lot of that comes down to how well the team can design and execute on new, fresh, ideas that are operationally efficient, remain budget conscious and leave consumers and clients wanting more. Easy, right? Wrong. It’s not easy, and that’s okay. Excellence isn’t something that is arrived at easily, it’s something that is worked toward down a road of learning from challenges and pushing the envelope.

But how on earth do you begin? Here at Hirschfeld Marketing Solutions, we take a simple approach, we believe it begins with figuring out what the objectives are. By understanding the WHY we put incredible minds to work to achieve that multifaceted approach to success. The starting point is tried and true and can be applied to any event, activation or experience that you’ve been tasked to construct. That might be a national sampling tour for the best BBQ sauce in the business or a live entertainment event for tens of thousands of raving fans. If we define WHY we are there and what the brand or company hopes to achieve, we can work towards creating something that’s truly remarkable. From there, it’s all about putting the right minds and experiences against the project to fill in the gaps of operations, finance, and cutting-edge production.

There is a beautiful place that exists at the intersection of an unforgettable consumer engagement and an equally remarkable (positive) experience for the client. It’s more than a cool, physical structure, it’s emotional, it’s a feeling. When we have the opportunity to partner with incredible brands like we have been privileged and trusted with for many years, we are not producing something with a singular objective in mind and we are certainly not taking the easy road. We are considering every angle, inch, and feeling that encompasses every program, because it’s not about easy, it’s about excellence.