May, 16, 2016

by: Sarah Shannon


I may not be the newest member of the HMS crew – but I’m still pretty fresh.

At 24 years old, I’ve been working in the experiential marketing field for 6 years and was ecstatic to find this opportunity in my new home city, Charlotte. (I moved here from Cleveland, OH – but really, who hasn’t? Pretty sure 45% of Charlotte’s population is from Cleveland, OH).

Starting in January, I took over the account for the Coca-Cola brand Tum-E Yummies.  Our program for them this year involves sponsorship at 30 Color Vibe races across the country. That meant one thing for me… traveling.

This was exciting for me – why else would I get to see all these different cities in the US? The hardest part was breaking the news to my… dog (you thought I was going to say, boyfriend, didn’t you?) and explaining to him that his mama was going to be gone a lot of weekends.


We agreed on a compromise, he had to have his own office space and come to work with me sometimes. Since he’s spoiled – I caved in.


Baxter dresses nicer than I do when he comes into work, but I like to think that I get more done than he does.

Come the end of February, we were off. The program launched and I made my way to Pensacola, FL for our first activation.


If you have never participated in a Color Vibe 5k you are MISSING OUT! Even if you don’t want to run – it basically like a party in the morning!  I (rarely) don’t dread that 4am wakeup call on race days, because I know it’s going to be fun. And I get to do this for a living, guys.


Fast forward to today and we are in the “busy season” with 5k’s each weekend all over the country.


My favorite part of this industry is seeing each event planned come to fruition. After all the work that’s put in behind the scenes, nothing is more gratifying than a successful event. Watching kids and their parents enjoying Tum-E Yummies for the first time, take a fun photo together, and use their thunderstix while dancing after the race – that’s why we do this, for that experience, for the brand to create that experience.


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