Mar, 25, 2016

By: Rebecca Moore

Quick quiz: Who is my favorite Major League Baseball team? Who is my favorite college sports team? Last, and probably the easiest, who is my favorite NFL team? Chances are, even if you just met me, you know the answer to at least a couple of these questions. If you don’t, we’ve either never spoken or your skills of observation need a tune up. J  But why would you know the answer after only knowing me for minutes? The answer is simple: I. LOVE. SPORTS.  More specifically, I LOVE to support my sports teams. I am passionate about sports and my teams! I wear apparel every day to represent my teams. I engage in sports conversation as much as I can without, and sometimes unsuccessfully, annoying the person with whom I’m talking (although, I have gotten better about this post-baby – the time I can spend reading sports articles is much less than in past years…making me a little less knowing of minor details.  Oh, and yes, my sons name is Camden after Camden Yards). In fact, one of my goals is to travel to as many, if not all, NFL stadiums as possible. Currently, I’ve been to 25 different NFL stadiums, past and present and I can’t wait for the next stadium.  I can hear you now, “oh geez, here goes Rebecca again on another one of her rants about another one of her teams.” Been there, done that. But I only say all the previous to set up a question. Is my love of sports and supporting of my teams passion, or is it obsession? I’ve been told that I’m obsessed with sports and my teams. I see it different. I strive to live my life full of passion and sports are a big part of my life.

Does immersing yourself and throwing everything you have into something mean you’re passionate about it, or does it mean you have an obsession? I am passionate about a variety of things. Yes, that’s right, I’m passionate. There’s no way I’m obsessed. Does eating right, drinking my Shakeology, and completing my Beachbody workouts every single day mean that I’m passionate, or obsessed with my health and fitness? Most people would probably say passionate. Does watching, reading and listening to anything and everything about essential oils offered from doTERRA to ensure my family is naturally happy and healthy make me obsessive or passionate? Again, I’m hedging my bet towards people saying passionate. What about yelling and screaming at the television because Chris Davis just struck out with the bases loaded AGAIN, or Joe Flacco just threw a pick six in the fourth quarter of a previously tied football game? Or finally, spending hours in the car or a plane to attend another NFL game and add it to my long growing list of 25 different NFL stadiums? I’m guessing less people think this is passion and would say I’m obsessive. As with the previous examples, I believe it to be passionate. Before really examining passion vs. obsession, I started to wonder if I really was obsessed with my sports teams and had I taken my love and passion too far?

What makes a passion and obsession distinction difficult is the fact that they exhibit very similar behaviors. They are both generated within and take root in outward action or pursuit. Passion and obsession are powerful motivators to make sacrifices to achieve something in which we desire. Passion and obsession burns within us even without the use of extrinsic encouragement or rewards.

So what are the differences? The first major difference is that passionate people are pulled to the edge, not pushed to the edge. Passionate people fight their way to the edge and make a conscious choice to find places where they can enjoy their passion.  Second, relationships. Passionate people are constantly seeking out others who share in their passion in a quest for collaboration and inspiration whereas obsessive people hide behind their obsession. It’s the exact opposite for people whoare obsessed. They are only focused on the object of their obsession and not the people around them or even themselves. I could go on and on to illustrate the difference but I feel this is already starting to become a college term paper as opposed to a blog.  Obsession and Passion are clearly different.

Everyone should have a passion. Everyone should find their passion or passions and pursue them.  Nelson Mandela said, “There is no passion to be found playing small – in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living.” Passion is energy. The more passionate you are about yourself and your life, or whatever it is you’re doing, the more positive energy you give off. True happiness comes from doing what you are truly passionate about. I am passionate about my family, I am passionate about my health and well-being and yes, I am passionate about my sports teams. Passion fuels the fire of inspiration and excitement for life. Passion comes when you know your true self-identity, when you’re being authentic and doing what comes naturally to you.

Doing things you’re passionate about should excite you to get out of bed every morning and look forward to the day ahead of you. Passion allows us to overcome obstacles and allows us to have self-confidence and live every day to its fullest. I know what I’m passionate about and I live for those passions. My family is my passion. My health is my passion. Traveling around the United States, yelling, screaming and cheering for the Ravens, Orioles, and Mountaineers is my passion. Helping people is my passion.  As dorky as it sounds, budgeting and numbers is my passion.  Do you have a passion? Do you challenge yourself to live with passion so that you can live life fully? Maybe you aren’t sure what you’re passionate about? I’ll leave you with a couple of things to help guide you to find your passion: 1) Determine what you’re good at. 2) What do you spend hours reading about? 3) Determine what excites you.  I challenge you to live life full of energy and passion, no matter what the passion, or what anyone thinks about you for being so passionate.


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