Feb, 08, 2016

By: Todd Hirschfeld

As most of you know, I am not much for Blogging, as a matter of fact this is only my second BLOG ever. However, I feel compelled to share how excited I am for 2016. The last 90 days have by far been the busiest “off-season” that we have experienced in nearly 10 years of business. I sincerely feel bad for Chris, our in-house Creative Director, as I had to practically strap him to his chair for days on end as project after project has filled up his white-board. On the flip-side, new projects are what keep the energy growing inside the building. Our team truly lives for brainstorm sessions where we get to start with ideating and sketching new concepts driven by the goals and objectives our clients provide, to creating something that we hope will amaze them in the end.

Many have heard me tell them over the last 4 or 5 months, that I truly feel like we have defined ourselves over the past few months. Our core has never been stronger and our team has never been more passionate about what work we are producing. All the years of trying to compete against what “everyone else” was doing was a drag, and this new era of us defining ourselves by creating these engagements that help our clients interact with the consumer is where we truly excel. By building these memorable and transformational experiences, we get to take our excitement from the white-board to the event site. We have become defined as solutions providers, given the opportunity to create an atmosphere that delivers an experience for the consumer to better understand what our clients services can do or provide for them  – and that is exciting stuff!

In the last 10 days we have delivered two amazing new projects that both started with white-board brainstorm sessions in our conference room. The first, a 40’ one-of-a-kind mass beer selling solution we built for Michelob Ultra that we debuted at this year’s Anheuser-Busch annual Sales and Marketing Communications Meeting in Dallas. This was the “2.0 version” of the original build-a-bar units that we designed for a delivered for AB in 2009. And the other, our first ever drop-style chassis trailer for Nature’s Bakery. I foresee these drop trailers being the newest trend to come, similar to what we saw from the container builds over the last couple years.

So in closing of my second official career BLOG, I hope I am not jinxing myself – but I am really excited about what 2016 has instore for our newly branded Hirschfeld Marketing Solutions (Formerly HMS Worldwide) and this awesome team we have built together. I find it more than coincidental that my team urged this new name change and that the momentum seemed to soon follow….so here my friends is 2016, let’s make it amazing!


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