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Feb, 09, 2015



In one of my recent blogs, “Pacing Myself For Success,” I spoke about how the last 15 years in the working world has properly trained me for my newest opportunity at HMS Worldwide. While I will never know if I am truly ready, I have been challenging myself to grow faster and operate at a pace that prepares me for whatever comes next. I continue to rely on effort, education, persistence and a little bit of luck to make me successful, no matter what challenge I face.


As I look back on my first 60 days as president at HMS, I am already proud of the tough decisions made and the significant wins achieved. Leaning on experience, I have had to find a way to balance opportunities and capabilities. I now have a much greater appreciation for how difficult this can be for a young, hungry company. We often get excited about opportunities and have to keep that enthusiasm tempered by our current capabilities.


However, it is my job to find ways to scale our business in a responsible manor and my first finding is that utilizing resources more efficiently gives us an edge to compete against larger organizations while continuing to deliver on our promise of extraordinary results for every customer, every time.


We do not have to have a building full of copywriters, project managers and creative staff. Instead we can utilize an abundant resource: freelance workers. Given the proper direction, freelancers can efficiently and economically help you to scale your business. Gone are the days of full-time staff members sitting next to you in cubicles; today there is no reason you need to work in the same country, let alone the same building, as your reliable staff.


In addition to auditing needs for in-house staff, I am also looking at in-house assets. HMS has been a trendsetter in the motor coach hospitality space. Rather than continuing to buy the same asset over and over again, we are focused on the industry’s forecast and what we will need to meet client’s future goals.


I can’t wait to see what I learn in the next 30 days.





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